• Gustavo Silva

PETRICHOR, behind the scenes

Tasty behind the scenes photos by Filipe Meunier of our short horror film PETRICHOR.

If you've already saw it, say what you've thought here.

News, reviews and interviews:

Hoje vi(vi) um filme

Zoom f.7

Portal Cinema

Also, if you wanna get spooky with the theme song, listen to it here.

2021, Festival del Cinema Cefalù | official selection

2021, Azores Fringe Festival | official selection

2021, International Kolkata Short Film Festival | official selection

2021, Lift-Off Global Network | official selection

2020, MOTELX | official selection

2020, Bizarrya Short Film Festival | official selection

2020, 15 Second Horror Film Challenge | silver tier winner

2020, Espanto Film Fest | official selection

Co-written by the star Beatriz Silva

Written, assembled and directed by Gustavo Silva

Assistant photography, vfx, sound and music by Filipe Meunier

Cinematography and color by Lucas Neves

Produced by all of us,

4400, 2020.